Monday, April 20, 2009

For Candy

An old pal of mine that I've hooked up with on Facebook asked me to write something that would make her laugh on my blog today. I'm not very good at on-demand writing. I've been trying to think of something funny I could write about all afternoon without success.

Rather than let her think I'm just lazy and was pulling her leg, I thought I'd write about her. We've been almost friends for years and years and years. The truth is that we've never really been friends. In fact, I barely know her!

We did go to school together for a really long time, but we weren't friends then. Nope. We got thrown together once or twice a year several years after graduation when a mutual friend of ours blew through town.

Despite the realities of our past, I really like Candy. Candy is and always has been upbeat, positive, and fun to be around. She laughs all the time and seems to really enjoy life. I'm very glad to have reconnected with her again.

I doubt this post made her laugh, but I'm hoping she enjoyed it. After all, not everyone gets their very own posting from...

The Crotchety Old Man


Anonymous said...

WoW!! Thank you so much for the personalized Blog!!! I really feel special...taking the time to put a smile on my face was very don't know how much I needed it!!! I am so glad we have connected on F.B. I enjoy chatting with you...our humor is simular! I feel like I have made a great new friend!!! Thanks Mike!!!!

mitzi lowe said...
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MadeMark said...

I resisted Facebook for a long time but finally joined a month or so ago. Mostly reconnected with a group of actors from a theater company I was with twenty years ago. But I did hear from Melody, my little African-American girlfriend in the first or second crade. I actually had a girlfriend then. Anyway, nice that you connected and were able to write something about it.

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