Monday, December 22, 2008

Wild and Free

The BF is off visiting family this weekend. He took the baby with him, so I've been left to my own devices. They'll be back tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure I'll survive.

What have I done with my time? I spent most of the day Saturday deep cleaning half the house. This was one of those take-everything-out-of-the-room cleanings that has been long overdue for quite a while now. Sunday I tackled the other side of the house. Feels good to have that behind me. Shoot, I may even clean out a couple of drawers.

I also went shopping for a bit yesterday. First I went to the grocery store for some essential items. Of course, being footloose and fancy free for the weekend caused me to buy some doughnuts (my personal weakness), a frozen pizza (hey it's cheaper than ordering for delivery), some frozen fried chicken steaks (that come with gravy!), and a half-gallon of one of my favorite ice creams (maple nut--and it was not a half-gallon, just made to look like one). I ate two (of six) doughnuts in the car on the way home from the grocery.

I had two more doughnuts at home then ran out to the mall. Didn't need to do any shopping so much as I just wanted to be out there in all the holiday splendor. I bought 90 percent of my gifts online this year and was missing some of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Ran in to Best Buy to take a look at a wireless surround-sound system. Gave up pretty fast due to information overload.

But mostly what I did all day all by myself and with great abandon was eat. I had my usual morning yogurt with blueberries and a banana while I was cleaning the house Sunday morning. Had one of every free sample at the grocery store (it's one of those things--they're free and regular exposure to all those germs keeps my resistance to colds and flu high). Couldn't resist a cup of cinnamon pretzel bites at the mall. Have you seen these? Yum! They have powdered sugar ones, too. I found out they had a smaller size right after I received my mega cup full. Oh well. Too late.

Since I was on the far end of town anyway, I decided to pick up some Bojangles fried chicken for dinner. I selected the 3-piece (all white meat), with dirty rice and for my health, some coleslaw. It was great, and the last two doughnuts were an excellent dessert. The only problem was I had that around 3 which meant I needed to eat again around 7.

I wasn't hungry, mind you. But fearful that I might wake up hungry in the middle of the night, I opted to do some preventive eating. I popped my frozen pizza in to the oven after I added the last of a pack of pepperoni to it. I cut the finished product into fourths with the idea of leaving half for t0morrow night. Once I ate the third piece, hardly seemed worth saving the last piece, so I ate it, too.

I've been looking for maple nut ice cream for weeks, so I had to have a little bit before going to bed. Just two little dips--and I didn't add the chocolate topping I purchased to go with it. Call me the very picture of self-control. Then I went to bed.

I didn't sleep so much as prayed not to explode. It was close a few times. But I made it through the night and lived to eat again. Today, however, I think I'll stick to salad. I'm kind of partial to the house salad at Zaxby's--grilled (not fried--more of that self-control) with honey mustard dressing. I'll try not to enjoy the Texas Toast, fried onion rings and cheese that come with it. I could ask for them to leave that stuff off--but you pay for it anyway, and in this economy, I hate to waste a dime.

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rptrcub said...

Ahh, never ending cleaning. I've been moving, here. I am so glad I can't take all of my crap with me after I die.

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