Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Gay Sister

While living at the Cloisters I landed a full-time job working in the College of Pharmacy stockroom at UK. Break your beaker and I was the guy who punched your lab card and gave you a new one. It was exciting stuff.

Libby lived at The Cloisters and worked at the UK Library. We met at one of the monthly social functions at the complex clubhouse. The clubhouse and the three bedroom apartment she shared with two roommates were across the street from the golf course apartments.

Her roommates were sisters from Bowling Green. They met Libby at Western Kentucky University. We hung out around the pool a lot. Libby and I sometimes rode into work together.

One day Libby called to invite me over for dinner. She said a college friend from California was coming in and she wanted us to meet. Beyond that she offered very little in the way of details.

Libby's apartment overlooked the parking lot. I was kicked back on the deck enjoying a cigarette when our guest arrived. She pulled in a few minutes before 7.

Curious, I watched as she parked, got out, locked her car and headed toward the apartment. She wore cowboy boots and blue jeans and looked very familiar. We recognized each other at the same time. I don't know who was more surprised.

We read each other right away, too. You gay? Yep. You too? Yep. Damn!

For the next 20 years me and my gay sister hooked up whenever she came to Lexington. Mercy. The stories I could tell...

But I won't. Not now anyway. And in the absence of any proof we'll just keep denying the rumors. They couldn't all be true anyway. Right Mitzi?

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