Thursday, September 23, 2010


I can't logon to Facebook. The server is down or something. I'm not sure I can cope.

I thought it was just my Internet connection. I reset the cable modem and the wireless hub and tried again. Nope. G-mail still works. It's not the Internet or my laptop.

As the blood drained from my face I instant messaged a friend on Gmail to verify the horrible truth. It wasn't just me. Facebook was indeed down.

My bowels clenched. Little beads of sweat popped out on my forehead. I felt an overwhelming force deep down inside demanding I post a status update about Facebook being down.

Maybe it's back on. Nope. Still down. I turn on the television to see if Headline news is on the story. Nope.

Do I call 911? No. This is much bigger than local emergency responders can handle.

I Google "Is Facebook down?" and get 1.18 BILLION results. Yep. It's down. Surely somebody with some know-how is on this. Surely.

Maybe it's back on. YES! Order has been restored to my universe. I feel better already.


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CathyB said...

blogspot went down last night too. i was trying to upload a bunch of photos to my post and poof it was gone... and i couldn't get to either of my blogs, either to sign in or just to view them. my symptoms were a mirror image of yours.

the *perfect* terrorist act would be to disable the internet. i say that somewhat joking, because of how we social internet users would respond, but seriously... it is frightening thought.

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