Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let Them Have Rush

You probably already know that I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan. However, I'm actually enjoying some of what I'm seeing on television and reading on blogs about him lately. I'm hoping that change we can believe in will chase Rush and his like back to the Dark Ages--where they belong.

For the life of me I can't understand how Rush has risen to such prominence. He's like a short fat Andrew Dice Clay. Is Rush an entertainer? That's what the Republican National Committee says. If that's their idea of entertainment, you start to see why the GOP has such problems.

Is Rush the spokesperson for conservative Republicans? If so, you get an even better idea of why the GOP is in trouble. More and more the GOP looks like the party of tired old straight white men. You know it's bad when they trot out the likes of Gingrich, Rove, and Cheney to criticize anything that might look like progress.

Did you know Rush flunked out of college? We're not talking about Harvard, Yale or even Cornell. Nope, it was Southeast Missouri State College. Woo hoo! His mother says he flunked every class--even ballroom dancing. He probably shouldn't check "some college" on surveys.

Guess that might explain why he's so anti-education. Rush didn't need education, therefore, nobody else should either. Education is what's wrong with this country in the first place. If God meant for people to be educated, they'd be born that way. Let's create a country more like some third-world backwash where dictators run rampant. We should all get addicted to pain killers, too. If it's good enough for Rush...

Rush's college record is a pretty good indicator that depth of knowledge is not his strong suit. I'm guessing he approaches issue analysis about the way he did in high school--for or against. It wasn't until college that I was forced to write position papers that presented a balanced discussion of opposing points of view. Guess old Rush missed out on that.

In graduate school the focus shifted to understanding the QUALITY of information--the study of validity and reliability. But Rush doesn't know the meaning of valid and reliable. Nope, it's all myopic and partisan--the lunatic ravings of a drug addict.

It's fitting that Limbaugh owes his popularity to the 1987 repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Up to then, Fox News couldn't exist. The public expected television and radio stations to provide fair and balanced coverage. Rush wouldn't recognize fairness if it slapped him upside his broad ass. In the world of the dittoheads, the biggest bully wins. Most of us left that kind of behavior behind...in high school.

If ever there was an anti-Limbaugh, it's our duly elected President Obama. I've seen nothing to diminish my view that he is the most intelligent man to hold that office in my lifetime. Brains, rigorous debate, and a balanced look at all points of view are now the norm, not just a lofty and unattainable ideal. Yeah. Let them have Rush. I'll take my chances with Obama.

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