Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Television News Stories at My House

After proclaiming the failure of Jay Leno's 10:00 show as the television story of the year, an NPR television critic dismissed a question about day time television with a snippy who cares? Well, I'm inclined to agree. Only I'm talking about the Leno story. Who cares? You couldn't even pay me to care.

Ditto Sarah Palin's new job at Fox. Who cares? She won't bring in a single new viewer. Her fans already watch Fox. They deserve this opportunity to get to know her better.

The best new face on television is Jeannie Mai, the new host for How Do I Look on the Style Network. Love her! Her reactions to the "before" attire of the makeover targets is priceless. You get the feeling they would wallop anyone else. But she's so cute and bubbly they not only take it, but are ultimately transformed.  I think we'll see a lot more of her.

Jersey Shores is the surprise hit of the off season. When have so few fought so hard...with so many? Hitting a woman is wrong--just wrong but it was publicity and we all know even bad publicity has been good for a lot of people. After Snooki tried to open a can of whoopass on two female guests to the house in a later episode, I confess to feeling just the tiniest little bit less sorry for her.

With the exception of Vinny (my pick for most likely to go to HGTV to do an Italian cooking show with his mother), we'll probably see the entire cast of Jersey Shores on other MTV/VH1 reality shows.  Mike aka "The Situation," is one of the most unlikable people on television. I bet he shows up on Tool Academy.

After him, the most unlikable person on television is the entire cast of Launch My Line. Dandy my ass. Deranged is more like it. Until I learn to tell the hosts apart, it remains to be seen whether identical twin Dean or Dan gets my vote for most unlikeable person on television. Geez. Man up a little.

The big television story in my world is the head-to-head competition between Biggest Loser on NBC and American Idol on FOX.  Maybe it's finally time to look into that TiVo thingamajig.  We need another modern convenience around here I won't know how to use.

Just another reason I remain...

The Crotchety Old Man

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