Monday, January 25, 2010

Evolution of a Blog

Thank you for reading my blog. I know your time is valuable and appreciate your willingness to spend a few minutes reading even one post. That you come back for more is a great complement. Thank you.

I started blogging accidentally and without any particular goals or objectives after stumbling upon A few minutes later I had my own blog. An hour later I published my first post and was officially a blogger. It was that easy.

I've come to appreciate the challenge of telling a story in a few paragraphs. My partner will tell you I spend two and three hours or more on a post. To me each one is a work of art and must be perfect before I'll share it with you.

If I didn't have a purpose when I started, sixteen months and more than 150 posts later, I do. Now I know you are the reason I blog. My objective? To keep you coming back for more.

There's ample evidence more than a few of you don't necessarily share my political views--you know who you are. And yet, you come back. To you I owe a particular debt of gratitude. I know on occasion you needed to grit your teeth to make it through a post.

It's not my political views and fascinating opinions that keep you coming back. You're not here to catch up on current events or to gather information for a term paper or report for work, either. Nope. You come back because something I wrote made you smile or maybe laugh out loud.

A very special thank you to the followers of this blog (Linda, Deb, Brew, Starsky, Gladys, Mikael, Mark & Marcia) for being willing to admit they read the blog.  Much appreciation to Cathy B, Dennis and Reporter Cub for listing me as a favorite on their blogs and for sending people my way.

Thanks for giving me a reason to keep writing. You make it fun for me. I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate you.

The Crotchety Old Man

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CathyB said...

Well Hello there, COM!!! It has been a while since I visited. Don't know if you ever catch any of my posts or not, but life is a pretty crazy adventure here in my little corner of the world. I love this particular post of yours. I, too, am anal about my blog. I often go back and read old posts, just to remind me of how things were on any particular day that I was able to blog. I go nuts when I find a typo or incorrect grammar, and even though it might be a very old post, I'll still go back and edit it. Not to say that it is always perfect. However, my occupation is one that requires excellent editing skills, so it's kind of ingrained in me, I guess. I normally write my posts during my work day, when I should be working... shhhh... so my first drafts are sometimes less than what I want them to be, but hopefully by the end of the day, I have made whatever edits need making. Yes, dear, I "know who I am"... haha... in that our political views don't coincide... but that doesn't mean we can't have great *conversations* and certainly doesn't mean that I don't learn from you, and from others with whom I don't see eye to eye either politically or religiously. It is one of the things that I really like about myself... I can stand firm in what I believe, yet always listen to, learn from, and never condemn those who believe differently. I find, actually, that reading and conversing with a diverse group of people enlightens me, keeps me on my toes regarding my own beliefs, and teaches me how to interact and be friends with those who think differently from me. My nephew is way farther to the left than I will ever be, and is as solid in his convictions as I am in mine, and I consider it a delight, a challenge, (though sometimes maddening) part of our relationship. I enjoy your blog very much, and find you very entertaining, very knowledgeable about a lot of things, and your blog a pure pleasure to read. How sweet of you to acknowledge your followers. Maybe I should try that sometime. I have quite a few Facebook friends who read my blog via FB networked blogs, but when they comment, they do it on FB and not my blog. My pastor also reads my blog, so I must *behave*.... haha.. I saw a picture of you once holding your puppy, and then one time out and about, I saw a couple, and one of the guys looked like your picture... and I almost approached him to say hello, but chickened out at the last minute. I promise to come back more often, now that you'll be posting your "best of" photos. I used to live in a house that the former owner had lovely garden spots, and for a few years I enjoyed the fruits of her labors. I was a single mom of a very busy teenager, working three jobs, and didn't have time to give the gardens the attention they needed, so of course after a few seasons of winging it on their own, they succumbed to lack of tending. I only managed to keep alive one small area of black-eyed-Susans and some lovely tall phlox (i think they were called). I can't wait to see who the winners are in your yard this spring. *see* you next time. CathyB

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