Thursday, February 25, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I am always thrilled to discover the first flower of the season. At long last, the early flowering varieties have started to bloom. Because they come so late, the first-to-bloom are especially appreciated this year.

Dwarf crocus (also known as snow crocus), dwarf iris, and Helleborus orientalis (also known as Lenten Rose) are finally starting to bloom in my garden nearly two months behind schedule. The three Lenten Roses I bought years ago now form a large colony of more than 50 plants. Only a couple of flowers on them right now, including this one:

Snow crocus get the award for Best Flower this week. They look dainty, but these tough little guys close up at night to avoid damage from freezing temperatures.

The real show is inside. The dwarf schefflera I drag in and out every fall and spring is covered with blooms. I've neglected and outright abused this plant for years. Never seen one bloom before leading me to think they like it rough.

Amaryllis is another big favorite. Prepared and conditioned for the holidays by professionals, these giant bulbs bloom with reckless abandon the first year. Most people toss them but I like to see if I can get them to bloom again. If successful, they tend to bloom around this time of year and into March rather than at Christmas.

The delayed start to the blooming season, now that is has finally started, is not all bad. By May everything will be back on schedule. That means we'll have four months of flowers crammed into just two months. If not, you know you'll hear from...

The Crotchety Old Man


CathyB said...

COM, I'm looking forward to living (gardening) vicariously through your photos. I love pretty, blooming, living things in the yard, but have no time at this point in my life to make it happen. Can't wait to enjoy your garden through your blog!!

CathyB said...

Help. I'm confused. I got the e-mail saying you had commented on the blog (and I read it via e-mail) but the comment isn't showing on my blog, nor is my response to you. I checked my comments settings, and it should be there. Strange. Did you somehow make it a "secret" post?

To answer your request, here is the URL. It's a cool site. I started blogging in mid-2008, so the 2008 book will be $47.00. 2009 is a bit longer, and will cost around $70.00 to print.

here ya go:

CathyB said...

okay it didn't show up. go to and look for the icon that says something like Blog2Print and click on that.

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