Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting to Know You

Dear Cathy B.,

Thank you so very much for leaving your thoughtful comment on my recent post! I thought about commenting after you, or perhaps sending you an e-mail message. Neither seemed appropriate. Besides, if I sent you an e-mail my readers might think I ignored your lovely note. So Cathy B., this one is for you!

I've posted because of reader comments before. The first time was in response to a comment I had to delete. The second time was just me being crotchety. This is the first time I've had the pleasure of responding to a nice comment in a post!

Your secret about blogging when you should be working is safe with me. I suspect you are not alone. On the blogs I follow, new posts are exceedingly rare on weekends. I guess most bloggers have more important things to do when they're off work.

Not me. I may check a blog or two now and then from my office computer. I have even been known to comment on a blog while at work. I'm sure I would behave differently if I enjoyed my job less or found it at all boring or monotonous. As it is, blogging is exclusively an after-hours activity for me.

Your ability to listen to and learn from those who believe differently is something I'm sure I would really like about you, too. You should know my "you know who you are" comment was directed at several of my high school classmates. Still, if the shoe fits...! All kidding aside, the world would be a better place if more people were willing to listen to different points of view.

Your blog is beautifully designed! I loved your post on biscuits, and like you have yet to meet a biscuit I didn't love--especially if it's wearing gravy! I've added you to the "blogs I follow" list and promise to keep up more regularly.

We don't go out and about much. If you see us again, be sure to say hello. Now that I know it could happen I won't be nearly so freaked out! Until then I remain...

The Crotchety Old Man

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CathyB said...

Well Hey There!! I am seriously honored that you would make an entire blog post to me/about me! I'm delighted that you took the time to do that. The shoe fits perfectly, and I'm wearing it proudly.

Thanks for the compliments regarding my blog. It's about time for a facelift. I always get nervous when changing my background, afraid I'll lose something. Maybe I'll get motivated to find something spring-ish soon.

Next time I think I see you out and about, I will try to get up the courage to say hello. I wonder how some random gentleman would feel if I walk up and say... "Hey, are you The Crotchety Old Man?" :-)

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