Friday, May 28, 2010

Teeny, Tiny, Little Jay

Johnny Angel's was more popular with straight Lexington in 1979 than at any time before or since. Disco was huge. Everything about Johnny Angel's made it THE place for clubbing among straight and gay trendanistas.

That night the place was packed. People stood four and five deep trying to catch the eye of a bartender to order a drink. As at work, Jay seemed to know everyone.

He introduced me to guys in a clique that came to be known as the Elite Fleet. We'd all attended high schools in Lexington. Lafayette and Henry Clay were very well represented. I was the only Creeker. Another guy went to Bryan Station.

The other big clique came up from Richmond. They had an equally obnoxious name I can no longer remember. The guys in both groups were a very pretty bunch of young men. Michael, from the Richmond group, was especially fine.

The biggest difference between being straight and gay, right off the bat, is that you know it when a guy thinks you're cute. Girls are subtle and coy about these things. They avoid eye contact, smile and look away quickly, or send a friend over to chat you up. Anything more direct and someone might think they're easy.

Guys don't care about being easy. In fact, that's the second big difference between being gay and being straight. If you're straight, she's supposed to say no. Without her, well, there's just nobody to say no.

Didn't take more than five minutes to feel like I was stuck with Jay. Some of the looks I was getting from Michael were enough to make me blush. He was one guy I definitely wanted to get to know better.

Jeff, a talented dancer, spent most of his time on the dance floor. He and several of the guys and girls he danced with had obviously put in some practice time. They were really good and often attracted onlookers.

Paul wasn't really into the disco scene. He was a type, and had a type. He wore skin-tight jeans, a t-shirt that was exactly too small, and boots at the bar. His type rarely appeared at bars like Johnny Angel's.

Other than Jeff and whoever he was twirling around, the rest of the Elite Fleet danced in a big group. Everyone had a cigarette in one hand, a cocktail in the other, and the ability to check themselves out as needed in one of the many mirrors on and around the dance floor. Michael danced next to me for most of the night.

Closing time came all too soon. We said our good-byes and headed back to Lamplighter. I had no idea of what lay ahead, but it was looking like me and Jay were going to make-out.

We did. Might know my first guy had the greatest need for masculine enhancement of any guy I've ever met to this day. It was tragic. I had to laugh which pretty much put an end to our date.

Just as well. Michael had my phone number. From the way he had looked at me, I was pretty sure he'd call.


CathyB said...

oh my goodness! i've just spent the better part of an hour playing catch-up reading your blog. i'm still having to use my laptop to get to the internet, and i totally hate it. recovery is coming along nicely and i'm feeling pretty much human again. i'm down 36 lb, albiet 20 of those before surgery.

COM, you definitely need to write a book. (i think you just did, in the form of your blog.) I've laughed and almost cried while catching up since the Camden Park post. I truly laughed out loud when the dog licked your butt. but.. i can't believe you are leaving me hanging ... did Michael call you???? and i'm hoping you'll continue the saga until such time as you introduce Aneedibus (sp?) Love your writing style.

Like I said, I don't like using the laptop, so i haven't worked on my novel since before surgery. I used to write in a Word document, and then transferred the text into a blog, but i have learned that blogger doesn't like the Word format any more, so I've got to reconsider how I do things.

Journey and Queen, huh? Some of my favorites too. Check out Departure: The Journey Tribute Band on Facebook. My brother is drummer for this band, and they totally rock some Journey music!! The lead singer sounds just like Steve Perry! They play at 37 Main in Buford, Wild Wings all over the southeast, Lubies in Lawrenceville, and have headlined a couple of times at Wild Bill's. 37 Main is a great venue. Don't know if you like going out to hear live bands, but if you do, check them out sometime. They really are awesome. They are opening for Great White in July an Jefferson Starship sometime this summer. Had an opportunity to open for Styx a few months ago (my brother was foaming at the mouth, as was I!) but one of the members had something else going on and they couldn't do it. (my brother is still pissed about that, as am I! ha!) Anyway, check them out on FB and maybe in person some time.

I was going to write on my blog, but I was having so much fun catching up on yours, that time got away from me. I gotta get that stupid desktop computer back on line so i can blog while i'm sitting at my desk working... haha..

have a safe and happy holiday weekend! cathyb

CathyB said...

p.s. Just checked their calendar and found out they're playing in Athens on June 11 at a place called The Bad Manor. Never heard of it. But then I'm not much on the party scene any more. I'll make an exception though, since they'll be close to home. If I can stay awake. Show doesn't start until 11:00. yawn.

Anonymous said...

I love that you invented the word "trendanistas" - unless it was already a word.
BTW - when you danced, were you doing "The Bump"

My only other college dance hangout was The Library Lounge, but that was a totally hetro pick up joint.
Every night, the last some was "Last Dance", and people started looking desperately around for someone to hook up with and take home.
No, not me - I never did that....... except there was this one locally famous football player. Deliciously attractive and built to die for.
He came home with me, peed in my bed, and left before I got up. Now... that was shocking. I always wondered if he did that on purpose as a passive-aggressive way to show his assholeness (new word)
or if he was just a "bet wetter" that never grew out of it.
My confession -
Hey, no one on facebook is going to read this right? ;-) Well, at least we only have one mutual friend.

Anonymous said...

Also - it's such a let down to get all hot and heavy with someone only to discover they have a vienna sausage as their "endowment". Oral sex can give you serious mouth cramps. First and last date in my book.

Crotchety Old Man said...

If it had been as big as a vienna sausage I might not have felt so cheated....

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