Saturday, May 29, 2010


The sound of ringing woke me up early the next day. Thinking Michael wasn't one to waste any time, I grabbed the phone and said hello. It was Mom.

She wanted to know exactly what I'd been doing at "that place" downtown. Someone who worked with my Aunt Mary had seen me at Johnny Angel's the night before. Aunt Mary had to call mother to let her know.

Thinking fast first thing in the morning is not my forte. Nor am I a very good liar. I told her the truth: I'd become friends with some gay guys at McAlpin's and gone out with them after work.

OK, so maybe it wasn't the whole truth. She suspected as much but took me at my word. I'm sure she kept the phone lines hot the rest of the day discussing the issue with my aunts and her friends.

I put a stack of albums on my console stereo and proceeded to straighten things up around the apartment. Apparently, the music was too loud as Mrs. P was banging on the wall. She banged on the wall any time she heard a peep out of me. Bitch.

Michael called as I was getting ready to go to work. He asked how things had gone with Jay. I laughed and said we probably wouldn't be going out again.

We chatted. He told me he worked in construction, carrying bricks to the guys who were teaching him the trade. That explained the tan, the big arms, and the beefy chest. After he finally asked I said going out with him after work would be great.

Michael knocked on my door at exactly 10. He was wearing the biggest fur coat I'd ever seen. It was real, too. He walked me to his late-model, cherry red Corvette convertible with a vanity plate that read: CRUISIN.

We had a blast at Johnny Angel's. Michael was a perfect gentleman. He had my full attention all night. We really hit it off.

Jay acted like nothing had happened the night before. No doubt he was used to reactions like mine. He thought we made a cute couple and was glad to have introduced us.

Jeff's reaction was lukewarm. I later found out he was pissed because Michael got to me first. Paul rolled his eyes and made some comment about me not wasting any time.

I begged to differ. Since Monday I'd been thinking about my life and come to see I had in fact always been gay. I felt like I'd wasted a lot of time.

Michael promised we'd make up for any lost time. His smile and that I was hoping he was right made me blush. We headed for the 'vette to go back to my apartment.

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