Thursday, May 27, 2010


The guy I saw at Johnny Angel's worked in Fine China & Gifts at McAlpin's. We'd never worked together or run into each other after work. I didn't know his name.

Fine China & Gifts was just across from Housewares. The very next day he was also working. I waited for an opportunity to introduce myself.

He was about my height, but reed thin. He had a dark tan and brown hair with blond highlights. He smiled a lot and seemed to know everyone in the store.

I sidled over to the area of Housewares closest to where he was working. He hadn't noticed me and was paying no attention. Hmmmmmmm...what to do? Rearranging the cookware was clearly the shortest route to my goal. Banging pots and pans around definitely got his attention.

His name was Jay. After introductions I mentioned having seen him out the night before. He asked where that might have been and why I hadn't said hello.

Using what was soon to become a familiar euphemism, I told him it was "downtown." He was obviously having a great time with his friends. I couldn't possibly intrude.

Jay said he was out celebrating with his roommates. They had been classmates at Lafayette and just moved from their parents' houses to a three bedroom apartment. He invited me over to meet them after work.

They lived in the Lamplighter Apartments on Reynolds Road. I was a nervous wreck. Jay opened the door when I knocked, invited me in, and introduced me to his two roommates.

Paul looked like a Greek god. He was at least 6'4" with blond hair, gray-green eyes, and an aristocratic countenance. After a polite hello he withdrew to the dining room to continue what he was doing before my arrival.

Jeff had a great tan, sparkling green eyes, and great hair. He wore tight white terrycloth tennis shorts that barely covered his ass. He wore them to class, too. He wore them when we met for lunch at the student center a few weeks later.

We sat around the dining room table and talked. I explained about the previous night being my first visit to a gay bar and feeling like I was probably gay. Jeff proceeded to pepper me with questions about my family, my interests, and my likes and dislikes.

Jeff explained being gay wasn't really about sex. He could tell me one way or the other based on my responses to his many questions. Turns out, my affection for Broadway show tunes, Barbra Streisand, and white tennis shoes coupled with a period of fatness followed by rapid weight loss and the ability to dance meant I was, beyond any doubt, certifiably homosexual.

Jeff was sure of it. Jay was inclined to agree. Paul snorted in disgust, went to his room and closed the door.

Jay invited me to come with them to Johnny Angel's. Without hesitation I said I'd love to go. He said he'd drive and I could ride with him.

Guess you could call it my first date with a guy. I had no idea what to expect. I was excited and terrified at the same time. Turns out, both the excitement and the fear were totally unwarranted.

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