Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Work

Mild winters are a big reason to love living in Athens. Most years it doesn't snow at all. When we do get snow, nine times out of ten it's usually just a dusting that quickly melts away after the sun comes out.

Snow started falling Sunday night as I was going to bed. When I got up at five o'clock, Athens had received nearly nine inches of snow--the most in any 24-hour period in recorded history. The snow turned to freezing rain, glazing the thick blanket of snow with a layer of ice.

We're talking epoch. Except to shovel off the driveway and to take the dogs out, I haven't left the house since Sunday. Judging from my neighbors and comments on Facebook from friends in the area, I'm not alone.

Since the big snow the temperature has rarely warmed above freezing. The sun finally came out for an hour or two yesterday--enough to melt maybe half the snow and ice from our rarely traveled street. Re-freezing yesterday afternoon caused police to close major roads all over Athens.

Being trapped in the house with three unexpected days off was a great opportunity to work on the book. I stayed in my cone of silence to write for hours at a time every day and have almost finished. The time may not have passed as quickly for my partner.

Today it's supposed to be sunny with a high around forty. The University of Georgia opens for the first time this week at eleven o'clock this morning. I'd be pissed but thanks to a holiday Monday, we have a three-day weekend coming up.

I must be mellowing. Since getting my driver's license, few things piss me off more than a big snow storm. Not this time.

There's still plenty of stuff to keep my blood boiling. Good thing. I know you'd hate to lose...

The Crotchety Old Man

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