Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Every morning I use Google Analytics to check my blog statistics. The daily report shows how many people visited the blog the day before, the posts they viewed, the amount of time they spent on each page and lots of other information. It's interesting more than useful.

One of the more interesting statistics is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit the blog only to exit within seconds. Apparently they weren't interested in what they found. The lower the bounce rate, the better.

Yesterday's post about current television shows had a bounce rate of 100 percent. In other words, it took visitors to the blog about a second to decide they weren't interested. That's a first for me in more than two years of blogging. I get it--no more crappy blog posts about what I'm watching on television.

Having lost all but one of my right-wing friends on Facebook, I'm also avoiding political posts. Things I say get misconstrued, tempers flare and next thing you know I've lost another FB friend. Pissing off readers is counter-productive. In the end, what I think is unlikely to change what you think anyway.

Same with religion. I believe in God, but the particulars tend to rub those with different views the wrong way. They take offense, see my views as an attack on what they believe and get all defensive. So I keep my views to myself.

Work-related matters and office happenings are out-of-bounds, too. My momma didn't raise no fool. I talk about that stuff at work, just like everyone else.

I'm out of the always popular nostalgic posts. Everything I can think of is in Glass Houses. In the context of the larger story, they're also a lot more interesting than a blog post would be.

About all I've blogged about for months is the book. I figured you were tired of hearing about the damn book and were ready for something else. Clearly it's not what I'm watching on television.

I'll try to do better. I promise. I know it's what you've come to expect from...

The Crotchety Old Man


CathyB said...

Could that loyal, right-winged FB friend possibly be me?? Ha! I'm not going anywhere. I'll be your faithful reader no matter how wrong you are about politics or religion. BAHAHA just kidding.

Holy crap, having a boyfriend/fiance really cuts into my blogging and book-writing time. I barely have time to do anything any more except just get crazier and crazier about this guy who has so drastically rocked my world.

I do check in on you from time to time (I know you can *see* when I do, because I can *see* when you visit my blog. I just haven't written anything in weeks for ANYBODY to *see*)

I've been asked to write a guest post on a blog about my weight loss surgery, finding love again in my 50s kind of thing for a valentine's day post. i finally got that written last night. not sure she wanted a 3-page typewritten manuscript, but... well, she doesn't know my writing style very well. it's kinda like diarrhea of the fingers.

there's a local lady here in statham who is publishing and distributing a free little magazine about life in our small town. the first issue came out right around christmas, and she used one of my old holiday blog posts for the publication, and has asked me to write more. the next issue comes out just before St. Paddy's Day. i'm in the mental process of putting together a little article about how my Irish ancestors ended up here in America and finally here in our little tiny town. i feel like a real *writer* now... working with deadlines. ha.

don't ever stop writing what you write. i will personally flail anybody who tells me they have stopped following you or defriended you or whatever. i would say 90% of the crap I write, nobody is really interested in. so what. bounce me all you want. I use Feedjit, so I can see all my bounces too. ha.

hope you have a great weekend. Now. I'm going to see what you watched on tv the other day. at least you got to WATCH something....

CathyB said...

Never mind. You said FB friends. Sadly, I am not your friend on FB, so I guess it's not me. ha.

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