Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

I've been too busy working on the book to blog. My Facebook friends have been treated to re-posts of some of my favorites from the past. The rest of you probably thought I'd died or something.

Nope. I'm fine and focused on my resolution to finish the book. I'm in the final turn, preparing to enter the home stretch to the finish line.

Subject to change without notice, I'm calling it Glass Houses. It's an autobiographical tale about growing up in the 60s, coming of age in the 70s and coming out in the 80s. If you like this blog, you'll love the book.

If I wasn't so busy, I'd have to blog about the tragedy in Arizona. For now I'll just extend my condolences to the grieving and hope this incident is enough to make both sides dial down the rhetoric about half a dozen notches. We should demand it.

I'd say something about the Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular we watched on television. Two of the former Olympian gymnasts on the show competed for Georgia. I'd blog about how the watered-down routines are an embarrassment to the sport if I wasn't so busy.

Re-reading my journals could have triggered half a dozen posts about the stupid things I did in the past. Nine times out of ten I walked into stupid situations with my eyes wide open. The older I get, the dumber I realize I am.

There are half a dozen things that have pissed me off already this year. If I wasn't so busy working on the book, I'd blog about them, too.

But I don't have time. You gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you'll be OK for just a while longer without...

The Crotchety Old Man

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Amy said...

How about just publishing the journals? :) Thanks for your continued crotchiness.

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