Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dog Poop Redux

I was riding my bike today when I saw a lady walking two Yorkshire Terriers and another little dog--maybe a West Highland White Terrier or something similar. As I rode by, one of the Yorkies took a dump and the owner walked off, leaving it behind. I live for these moments.

Regular readers (if there are any) know that few things tick me off more than an irresponsible pet owner. So I doubled back and asked if she was going to pick it up. She said, "Isn't this a dog park?" It was not a dog park, but a grassy, landscaped median. I told her it was not, and it really didn't matter if it was or not because the city ordinance applies wherever your dog poops.

Then she told me that nobody else picks up, pointing to several piles around her that were clearly too big to have come from one of her little dogs. I told her that didn't matter to me either--that they were in violation of the ordinance just as much as she was. In case she reads this, I would stop and say something to them too if I caught them in the act.

Then she asked me how she was supposed to pick up when she had three dogs and just two hands. Can you believe it??? I again told her that wasn't my concern, but leaving poop behind was a violation of a city ordinance and she needed to pick it up. I suggested that if she wasn't able to take care of her three little dogs, she shouldn't have them.

Then she got mad. She told me she wasn't about to pick up until she saw everyone else picking up. I asked her what her address was so I could turn her in to Animal Control. Of course she wouldn't tell me. As I rode off she was yelling at me about how glad she was to meet me.


Just another reason I'm The Crotchety Old Man

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