Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Katie Couric--Liberal Activist???

You have probably seen Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. The first sketch, with Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, was an absolute riot. Whether you are for or against Palin, you have to admit that Tina has her down pat.

When I heard there was a new sketch, I had to see it. I googled and was quickly able to find the new sketch with Amy Poehler playing Katie Couric. It's also funny, but I didn't appreciate the full value because I had not seen the Palin-Couric interview.

So I googled and quickly found the Palin-Couric interview on YouTube. It's almost as funny as the Fey-Poehler sketch, and more frightening than any of the Saw movies. The most amazing thing, however, was that the post was labeled: Palin interview with Katie Couric (Liberal Activist).

I'm an NBC man myself, out of habit more than anything else, and haven't really paid much attention to Katie since she left the Today show. I was more than a little surprised to learn she had become a liberal activist. Shocked really. I never saw it coming.

Then I googled "liberal activist". Apparently, a liberal activist is anyone who dares to challenge or in Katie's case, ask questions about Republican positions on gun control, abortion, gay marriage, the war in Iraq, etc. I guess in comparison to Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter, Katie Couric would be considered a liberal activist. By that standard, the world is chocked-full of liberal activists.

The YouTube label, however, is more about the Republican way of saying something with the hope that if they say it often enough, others will believe it. It's not about truth, and it's certainly not about justice. It's about winning, at any cost. McCain is following the same doctrine, with a lot of help from the Republican machine. That's why so many people believe Obama is Muslim, that activist judges have run amok, and that the GOP stands for solid Christian values.

It's also why I'm still...

The Crotchety Old Man

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