Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Sex?

Last week I caught part of a local talk show on an Augusta radio station. Two men hosted the show--I didn't catch their names. I gather the purpose was to talk about local news stories.

When I tuned in they were talking about an alleged inappropriate relationship between a 14 year-old student and a staff person at one of the schools. The victim was a boy, the adult a female secretary. I couldn't believe the discussion that followed.

In essence, the two men agreed a boy having sex with an older woman really wasn't that big a deal. Not that they would know--both said they had been grown men when they had their first sexual encounters. They also had children at home--at least one boy and one girl each.

The men agreed they would want to kill any adult who had sex with an under-aged daughter. But with a son, pressing charges would be enough. Killing the kindly older woman wouldn't be necessary. Chuckle Chuckle.

The two men admitted the double standard and talked about possible reasons. Both agreed young girls fell in love and would be emotionally damaged by the relationship. The little darling could be ruined for life.

With little boys, however, it wasn't about being in love. Everyone knows boys don't form emotional attachments. All they want is sex.

I nearly wrecked my car. Adults having sex with children is just wrong. Never mind the gender of either individual. The adult is taking advantage of the child...period.

Over the years several decidedly straight men have shared stories with me about early sexual encounters they had with older women. Once the sex started each and every one quickly fell in love and was devastated when the relationship ended. In retrospect, all see the adult as a sick individual--and rightly so.

I couldn't believe two fathers would see it any other way. That they did makes me so embarrassed for my gender that today I'm closing as...

Just Crotchety and Old.

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