Monday, February 21, 2011

Today in My Garden

Downright balmy weather the last week or so has made a big difference in the garden. Every day something else pops out of the ground or breaks dormancy. Here are a couple of the highlights from today's tour.

Last spring (or maybe it was the spring before) I added several camellias. They're still small but a couple have a few buds. One opened this morning. The variety is 'Americana' and I expected more white and less pink.

My Daphne odoratas started blooming today, too. The clusters of tiny white flowers are intensely fragrant. Mine are just starting to bloom--I'll post a picture when they're a bit farther along. Unfortunately, I can't post the lovely fragrance.

The last post featured a photo of a Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis) in bloom. Here's a fuzzy close-up of the bloom from a pink plant. The darker pink is hard to photograph but I'll keep trying for a good shot.

I bought the house new and found this miniature daffodil blooming in the wooded part of my yard. I've since divided the clump several times. Toodles weighs five pounds and stands maybe ten inches tall--just to give you some perspective on the sizes.

Given our 70-degree temperatures, hearing about all the snow way up north is a little surreal. Seems like it should be this nice everywhere. If it's snowing where you are, you'll get nothing but sympathy from...

The Crotchety Old Man


CathyB said...

Sad that my lentin rose *saplings* you sent me didn't survive. I had a daphne at my last house and the fragrance was DELICIOUS! Can't wait to see more photos of your yard. The pooch is lookin' good too.

My sweetie brought his pooch last night for a sleepover. I'm normally a cat person, but he has a really sweet dog. I'm not much on dog smell, though, and Mr. Wonderful is often remiss about bathing him. Yesterday he got a full clipping and a bath, so he was invited over. He behaved splendidly and is welcome to come over any time. I've had a long talk with the pooch and explained that once Miss Cathy moves in for good, bath day will roll around far more frequently than it does now. i'm just arfin, i mean, sayin.....

The Crotchety Old Man said...

I was a cat person...until I got my dog! I've had some great cats but there's something extra special about a dog--especially one that won't have much to do with anyone but me. You'll see... :-)

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