Monday, February 14, 2011

Style Snaps for Men

Yesterday I saw a commercial for Style Snaps--a device that enables you to wear the same pair of jeans with both flip flops or five-inch heels. Little plastic snaps attach to the inside of the pants leg and allow you to change the hem length. At the time they struck me as totally worthless devices.

Then I got to thinking. My clothes just don't fit like they did when I was 22. I've added a belly and a decent rack since then and my ass has all but disappeared.

The biggest problem is drift. My t-shirt and shirt refused to stay tucked in. If I have anything at all in my pockets, my pants drift downward. My underwear for some reason tends to climb. I spend half my day yanking and tugging to keep everything where it's supposed to be.

Style Snaps might be the answer. I can attach my t-shirt to my underwear and my shirt to my pants. One well placed snap would prevent my boxers from creeping up into my crotch, too. I could even attach one to my socks and snap them to my pants to keep them from falling down.

Brilliant! I think I'll contact the folks at Style Snap with my suggestions. In the meantime, if you call to order a set, tell them you were referred by...

The Crotchety Old Man

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MAFW said...

I don't have that problem; everything I own has elastic (a fat girl's best friend) in the waist.

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