Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Down...

A week ago I submitted the query, a boring one-page synopsis, and the first fifty pages of Glass Houses to the literary agent of my dreams. The week has flown by. So far I haven't heard from her.

She's a busy lady. I'm sure she has an assistant--or two or three--who do nothing but screen submissions. Hopefully my query was on target enough to get the assistant to open one of the two attached files.

If they start with the synopsis, I'm doomed. It's really boring and for what it is supposed to be, not very well written. If the query gets them to open the file with the first fifty pages, my chances improve dramatically. Anyone who's read Glass Houses tells me they were hooked in the first 20 pages.

No doubt, the very second the assistant finishes reading the first fifty pages, she will forward my package to the agent of my dreams. She'll include a note about ignoring the crummy synopsis and close with a plea to expedite the request for the full manuscript because she can't wait to read the rest.

These things take time. The website specifically says to be patient and guarantees a response to every submission. For now I'm saying that's one week without a "no". I'll take it. Even if it's not what you'd expect from...

The Crotchety Old Man

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