Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life Begins at 50 for Dummies

Aunt Toodles always said life begins at 50. Rather than dreading the inevitable, her positive attitude kept me looking forward to the big five-oh. I couldn't wait!

A bunch of medical issues surfaced shortly after my 50th birthday. I had gum surgery, started taking statins to lower my cholesterol, realized my vision was failing, and endured several procedures and surgeries too embarrassing to mention. Turning 50 was a real pain in the ass.

Since that awful birthday I've worked through or learned to live with the health issues. I still eat what I damn well please and refuse to exercise...but am getting better about both a little at a time. I made it through the winter without gaining any weight for the first time in decades...possibly ever.

Today I turned 53. I look around and realize I've lived in this house longer than anyplace I ever lived, been with the same employer longer than any other, and done the same work for more than 25 years. I've also been in love with my partner longer than anyone before him. It ain't bad being me.

Life happens. Each day brings new challenges. Dreams change, fade, and fall by the wayside while we work to pay the bills, keep the car running and hopefully have a little fun along the way. Taking time to look back and reflect on the past is a luxury most people are too busy to afford.

Thirty years ago I knew I wanted more. The life I'm living today seemed impossibly out-of-reach. Writing Glass Houses reminded me of leaner times and gave me a greater appreciation for how far I've come. Frankly I'm amazed.

There will always be things I don't have--you can't have everything. I'm grateful today for what I do have, and I don't mean worldly possessions. I'm grateful for my wonderful partner, each and every member of my huge extended family, a fun and caring group of friends, and two adorable chihuahuas. I'm rich beyond measure.

Toodles didn't lie to me. She might keep her mouth shut and say nothing but she would never outright lie. She just forgot about me being a slow learner. If you're like me, it might be a few years after 50 for you, too.

Thanks for giving me this platform to say what's on my mind. We've been together for quite a while now. According to blogspot, this is the 300th post on...

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