Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Would Your Momma Say, Revisited

Well...I finally did it. I got a copy of Glass Houses printed and in the mail to my mother. She should get it by Friday--Monday at the latest.

For reasons obvious to anyone who's read the first 50 pages, I've been dragging my feet about sending Mom a copy. We've talked about most everything in the book at one time or another--but never all at once. Laying things out the way I have won't be easy for her to read.

Some people write memoirs they won't share with anyone until certain people they know have died. I can certainly understand this line of reasoning. Had my book been about someone guilty of unspeakable crimes against children or anything equally heinous, I would want to wait, too.

Nobody in my book was guilty of anything more than being human. Most people do the best they know how to do. People are neither all good nor all bad. Even good people sometimes make bad decisions.

Some who have read Glass Houses say it is a tribute to my aunts and uncles--especially Toodles. While that wasn't my intention, I have to admit the fact it's true makes me feel even better about the book. Writing about the deceased is definitely a lot easier. Even with my reverential descriptions, not having to worry about how the deceased would react was liberating. Aunt Dee would NOT be pleased!

Mom is still a young woman who I hope will be with us for a long time. She has to read the book sooner or later--or at least, have the option to read it or not. I've had enough feedback from readers, some who know her and some who don't, assuring me I didn't throw Mom under the bus to be ready to share it with her.

I know she won't agree. She'll probably get a little angry, too. With more than five decades of experience dealing with her on those fronts, I can cope.

No matter how old I get, she'll always be Mom to me. Making her mad amuses me more than frightens me these days. I would never want to hurt her, even if I am...

The Crotchety Old Man

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