Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today in My Garden

Mild weather has persisted here in Northeast Georgia for the last few weeks. Pear and cherry trees have exploded into bloom with spireas, forsythia and several kinds of magnolias. Spring is definitely on the move.

My star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) is in full bloom. On windy days you might miss the delicate fragrance. On calmer days I catch glimpses of the sent all over the yard.

I ordered Magnolia loebneri from a picture-less catalog based on the description several years ago. In truth, I thought it was an evergreen magnolia with pink flowers. Doh. Check out the beautiful blossoms.

Depending on the variety, camellias bloom from October to May. I keep planting more varieties hoping to have one in bloom throughout the season. In the foreground is 'Candycane' which this year has dark pink blooms on the east side of the plant and light pink blooms on the west side. In the background, 'Victory White' has been beautiful for more than a week.

Last weekend I finally got to spend a some time cleaning up flower beds. Pictures don't do this area justice. To really appreciate it you need the sun behind you as you stroll down (in the morning) or up (in the afternoon) the path.

The wisteria should start blooming any day now. You won't find a prettier sight than a mass plantings of wisteria in full bloom. Hopefully some good pictures for all y'all up yonder will turn up right here on...

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