Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today in My Garden

Thanks to deer, drought and other challenges, for the last few years my garden goal has been to maintain the status quo. Fixing the sinkholes boosted my spirits and forced me to change things up. Now I'm making major changes throughout the garden.

The rush is on to get everything moved. Without at least a month to settle in, new plants don't stand a chance of surviving summer. By then it's too hot to do much work outside, too. I'm excited about the changes and will point them out in future pictures. Until then, take a look at what's blooming today in my garden.

Old-fashioned Bleeding Hearts would definitely be on my top ten list of the most beautiful flowers. Only one of the five I had last year returned so the flowers are especially precious this year. Not sure what happened...I'll get more.

I selected this variety of Flowering Quince for the apricot flowers. They bloom a bit later than the red but aren't nearly as showy. Mine are still young...we'll see if they get any showier as they age.

I love star flowers. Mine drifted over from my neighbor's yard. I meant to divide them last fall. Maybe I'll remember this fall.

Lungworts are pretty little plants for shade. I like the silver splashes on the foliage all year. The tiny flowers started blooming last week and will continue for another four to six weeks.

Hope you enjoyed today's stroll through the garden of...

The Crotchety Old Man

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Anonymous said...

I did enjoy it! Off to the nursery today to beautify our yard!

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