Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gay parents

I was hanging out in a chat room for South Georgia yesterday. I like this particular room because the guys tend to be chatty. Yesterday was no exception. The other day I caught an interesting conversation on politics. Yesterday I wasn't so lucky. This conversation was about kids.

One guy commented that he saw where another guy had mentioned in his profile that he had kids. The little daddy responded that he had two, boys. So far, so good. Then someone said that gay men shouldn't have children because they are going to turn out gay. Interesting, but stupid.

Then another guy chimes in noting that he has eight kids. Eight! He goes on to say that two of his boys are gay. Daddy, however, is not gay. He's bi, and just looking to fool around behind the old lady's back. Shouldn't he be helping her to raise all those kids?

I know a couple of lesbians that had a kid. Not sure how they did it and have decided I really don't want to know. I saw them out a few weeks ago--with the little tyke in tow (he'll be a year old next April). They were at a bar. Parents of the year?

If you ask me, not having kids is one of the fringe benefits of being gay. I kinda sorta thought about wanting kids when I was younger. This was around the time when many of my friends started having kids. Like kittens and puppies, if they would just stay cute and cuddly it might be a different story. But no, they grow up and before long, they're saying "no" all the time. By the time my friends were dealing with teenagers, I started feeling pretty good about not having any kids.

I know. You have to be thinking that I'm just...

The Crotchety Old Man

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