Friday, October 17, 2008

Gay Republicans

I've never really understood how it's possible to be both gay and Republican. I know I'm old school gay. Sorta. I'm not what you'd call artsy, or fashionable either for that matter. Even so, I have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate. I could, in theory. I just haven't had a reason to do so up to (and including) now.

I read an article a while back suggesting that the presence of gay Republicans is a good thing. It's a sign that being gay has become so accepted that even uptight conservatives are able to come out. Maybe that's it.

I know we sure have a lot of them here in Georgia. The chat rooms are full of them. I like the one who calls himself Cute_Republican. Of course he doesn't have a picture in his profile. In fact, most of the guys that are advocating for McCain and Palin in the chat rooms don't have pictures in their profiles. Interesting.

I've always lived in a red state. Even before we talked about red and blue states, I lived where Republicans ruled the political landscape. Just another reasons I'm...

The Crotchety Old Man


athensguy said...
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athensguy said...

Georgia is really a right side swing state. Billy Clinton won here in '92.

You have to remember that all of the homosexual encounter scandals are by Republicans. Maybe those political figures are attracting less intelligent gays to the fascista side.

Does it match up to their agendas that all of the veterans in office are Democrat and all of the gays in office are Republican? I'm confused...

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