Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New & Improved Gay.Com Sucks!

I've been trying for the last hour to log on to the new and improved I guess the improved part is that old farts like me don't have the patience to make it to the chat rooms. The ads work, of course. But on my computer, they are the only part of that's working.

I like because it's the only place I know of with chat rooms. My favorite aunt asked me how I could stand sitting around with all those naked people and their computers when I told her I liked chatting in chat rooms. Thank God that's not what a chat room is. Ewwwww.

I've always had my issues with Adbots have been a problem with for as long as they've been around. The new version is supposed to block them. I guess it thinks I'm an adbot because I sure can't get in. I've tried Firefox and Explorer--no luck.

It's just as well. Very few people chat with me any more because they all know I have zero interest in hooking up. Funny how that works. Even though they come into the room claiming they only want to chat, as soon as they find out that really is all I want, poof! They're gone.

My frustration with has pushed my surliness to new levels. That's why tonight I am most especially...

The Crotchety Old Man


The Crotchety Old Man said...

OK...I finally got on. What a huge waste of time! At least it loads faster now. Still sucks.

Anonymous said...

I'm an AOL 9.1 user. So,when I tried the new (but not improved), I couldn't get into my usual Austin M4M chat room. So, they suggested I get Firefox. It works fine with Mozilla... except when constantly shuts down for one reason or another. Maybe they ought to get Best Buy's "The Geek Squad" and show them how to properly run a website. "Avenue Q": "It sucks to be me... scratch that... it SUCKS to be and not in a good way. rC in Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

same ole shit on there lol

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt waste my time with gay.cunt to many fakes and flakes with fantasies that i never heard of LOL and i never heard so many funny excuses of why they dont hook up online one idiot said his city wont allow yard sales in the fall ROFL LMAO i told him he was just jerking off and was a pathectic pice of shit

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