Sunday, October 5, 2008

On Joe Six Pack

I don't understand all the focus on Joe Six Pack. Palin must have winked at him 15 times during the debate. I'd be willing to bet that he probably didn't even watch.

Joe's probably one of those guys like my brother-in-law. He knows absolutely everything about everything. Just ask him. And the amazing part is that he has all this knowledge despite the fact that he never watches the news, reads a newspaper, or even looks at the pictures in a news magazine. Nope...somehow he just knows it all.

So I really don't understand why politicians are trying so hard to connect with Jane and Joe Sixpack. Why not Mel Methhead, Connie Crackho, or Denny Dimebag? I'm just as interested in what they have to say...aren't you?

I heard one of those ditzy blond pro-Republican pundits bragging about the number of people that watched the VP debate. She claimed--rightfully in my view--that they all tuned in to watch Palin. True enough. But I suspect most of those viewers were watching so they'd be ready for the Saturday Night Live sketch with Queen Latifah. I know that's why we watched.

Oh well... it's not really about truth anyway. Just another reason I'm...

The Crotchety Old Man

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Anonymous said...

Hey you are talking about my cousins. And you are right they know everything about everything and they are sure that Obama is a Muslim and eats babies to boot.

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