Monday, October 13, 2008

Liberal with a Twist

I don't have to look very far to hear liberal rhetoric that's as nasty as some of what I hear from the far right. My mother, God love her, is the liberal equivalent of extreme conservative pundits. Facts don't really impress her much, and they certainly don't get in the way of her opinions. For her politics is sport, and she is in it to win it.

She gets most of her information from talk radio. I got satellite radio for her a few years ago, so she could continue following the Kentucky Wildcats after she moved to Virginia. Up to that time she had to listen to conservative talk radio, which believe it or not, tended to keep her a little more balanced. Now she listens to liberal talk radio. So she's about as informed as FoxNews regulars, only in the opposite direction.

Since she gets most of her information from liberal talk radio, she has some rather interesting views. She doesn't believe we ever went to the moon--it was all staged in some Hollywood production studio. She's convinced "they" killed Kennedy. I should know who "they" are because I've heard about them enough, but I tend to tune her out when she waxes rabid. Today she told me that McCain jumping the supporter for saying Obama was Muslim was staged. Somehow, she saw it as a way for McCain to get the "Obama is Muslim" message out to the party faithful.

She despises anything Republican. But her favorite hobby is hating on Bush and/or Cheney. She adores Bill Clinton, and is one of those old white ladies that isn't entirely supportive of Barack Obama. She says: "I'm not racist, but there's something about him I don't like." Translation: She doesn't like him because he's black, but is too liberal to admit that's the problem. Fortunately, he picked a nice Catholic boy for his running mate so she's going to vote for him.

She was adamantly opposed to abortion for years but finally came around to pro-choice. She's still opposed to gay marriage, but that's more about the bad relationships I've had and how glad she is that I haven't had to pay alimony (see my post, Third Times the Charm for more on my ex's) or attorneys. She'd like to see me and my partner have the same rights as married couples, but that's mostly because she really likes my partner.

She's a hoot, and certainly keeps things interesting. Without her, you wouldn't be reading...

The Crotchety Old Man

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