Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ho's with Rich Husbands

Have you seen Real Housewives of Atlanta yet? They ought to rename the show Real Ho's of Atlanta. I don't think I've ever seen such a trashy collection of women. They've all got tons of money. Far as I can tell, it's because they married guys who have recently come in to a lot of money.

Kim, the sole white chic in the group, is the worst. She's totally deluded. She's a 29 year-old overweight chain smoker who dreams of becoming a country music singer. Her best moment so far was when she stripped down in a parking lot to put her party dress on. She's got a rich boyfriend who prefers to remain anonymous. I bet he's married.

Sheree is the next worse. She's in the middle of divorcing her rich husband, who she's going to take for everything he's worth so she can live as well or better as she did when they were married. She's got some idea that she's the hottest thing going. Her ex-husband has wisely opted out of the show, too.

Just found out that NeNe, the wild one, grew up right here in Athens. She's at least entertaining, and seems to see the other ho's...err...housewives for exactly what they are. She married a real estate developer who looks to be quite a bit older than she is.

DeShawn married a pro athlete. They have a brand new enormous house in Alpharetta, and she's in the process of hiring the staff. She needs the staff because she doesn't have a clue about how to get things done. She tries.

Lisa is my favorite. She has 5,000 different career aspirations and is following them all. She's also married to a pro athlete--a football player--but they seem to have a good marriage.

Now I happen to know that there is a lot of real money in Atlanta. I also know that a real southern lady would never consider being on a show like this. In fact, it's the fact that all these women are fish out of water that makes the show so interesting. I'm just glad that I don't live in Atlanta so that I'm free of the embarrassment residents must feel when they see this show.

Wonder how much money they're getting for doing the show? Plenty, I'm sure. Just another reason I'm...

The Crotchety Old Man

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